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Buddy and the shenanigans I find (slash put) him in.
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he’s judging you.

trust me he judges me all the time i recognize the look of disappointment.

buddy is not-so-helpful on freezy dish prep day.
the only thing he’s good for is taste testing everything to ensure it’s been properly prepared and making sure that there’s adequate portion control (by way of eliminating the excess apparently)

"wtf mom, she gets a cookie but i don’t?”

(buddy and the puppy frequently seem to find themselves in competition over each others treats. and toys. and attention in general.)

he’s not super enthusiastic about laundry night…

but, then again, neither am i.

first he fell in

then he started jumping in intentionally after each time i “rescued him” until i finally just left him there to rot, to which he responded with a high pitched shriek and a panicked escape attempt. 

forget being on the same page, we’re not even in the same library.

one of the nice things about working noon to midnight every few weekends is that (1) i actually get to see daylight and (2) buddy and i can eat breakfast together;

he gets a responsible nutritious meal of fresh vegetables, brown rice and whole grain pasta; and i eat multiple bowls of golden grahams.
because I’m an adult. 

my daily routine is now something along the lines of:
-6am out of bed and shower
-6:45am finish getting ready and head down to walk/feed the dog 
-7:30am out the door

buddys routine is:
-6am get rudely awoken by human and immediately go to the tissue box and start shredding his frustrations away
-7:30am regain control of the house


my bad. we suck. 

and by we i mean i.
trust me buddy is as entertaining as ever, I’m just rarely around to see it :(
luckily he fully supports my 7-days-a-week / 3-classes-2-jobs lifestyle. probably because it means he’s “in charge” while i’m out.

BUT. I’ve got some things i’m going to start throwing on here as often as i can (A+ for proper use of lunch breaks) and maybe we can save this blog from certain death.

making a quick trip over to/up the coast.

the SECOND he saw a suitcase he turned into a feathered ball of anger intent on making me pay for what i was about to do to him. 

we’re still working on holiday spirit…

Happy Holidays everyone :)

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