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Buddy and the shenanigans I find (slash put) him in.
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few things outshine the breathtaking wonder that is buddy…
but as you can see, the beautifully perfect day did just that. 

one ritz cracker and suddenly it’s the best day of his life

awwww he’s so cuddly :)

it’s weird i bet he’s planning something

yes, go ahead please. i don’t need to do anything productive with that like wash my face or get ready for work. take your time. 

spent his morning head scratch with one eye on me and the other on the demon dog that appears to be trying to figure out how her tongue functions. 

luckily my homegrown food chain hasn’t received the memo

"wtf mom literally everything you bring home sucks"

(buddy was not exactly hospitable during our last petsitting adventure…)

sometimes when i do laundry he’s helpful

other times he sits on the basket and picks out feathers to throw into the fresh and clean clothes

pup was pretty sure buddy was going to share his carrot
aand then she got tired of waiting

little guy got microchipped yesterday and has been sulking ever since

which i suppose is fair, i’d be sulking too if someone stabbed me in the chest

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