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Buddy and the shenanigans I find (slash put) him in.
(Sadly, I did not have the foresight to make this a stand alone blog, and therefore cannot follow back. You're all devastated, I can tell.)
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sometimes when i do laundry he’s helpful

other times he sits on the basket and picks out feathers to throw into the fresh and clean clothes

pup was pretty sure buddy was going to share his carrot
aand then she got tired of waiting

little guy got microchipped yesterday and has been sulking ever since

which i suppose is fair, i’d be sulking too if someone stabbed me in the chest

fat bird stickin his tongue out at you


stuck a feather in his cap, called him macaroni

made pancakes for breakfast/lunch/brunch/snacktime (read: i woke up at 1pm, so who knows what meal it was), and thought teeny tiny ones for buddy would be cute.

he was not as impressed with me as i was. rude.

holy shit balls guys

200 followers?? little dude is clearly going places.
except for now. when he is entirely stationary and refusing to move and get out of the way. even though i’ve been almost stepping on him for the last 15 minutes as i try to get ready around him so i can go to work. he tends to be unfazed by things in general. 

BUT i am not. in fact, i am well aware that you guys are awesome and would like to offer a big ol’ welcome to all the new people. prepare for disappointment as you realize that buddy and i are not all that interesting. 
(this is a picture of him sitting there and staring at you. case in point.)

the idea was to get a picture of the little thief as he made off with a pen…

instead i accidentally revealed the demon inside

buddy does not much appreciate my Easter shenanigans…

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